Spinny's Journey

During the Covid confinement with some friends we developed a game with the intent of exploring the Nintendo Switch market and the entrepreneurial path to create a company in Switzerland (Thunder Sparrow).

Spinny's Journey is a challenging 2D action-puzzle game. You will help Spinny, a tiny alien explorer, find his way through mazes, dodge traps and repair his spaceship that was destroyed by a terrifying sparrow.


The video game takes up the game play of Kuru Kuru Kururin, an old Game Boy video game.

This project allowed me to follow all aspects of the production of a video game: project management, team management, supplier management, development of a communication and marketing strategy, user test management, video game development, development of specific shaders for Nintendo Switch, code optimization, integration of the Nintendo framework, creation of special effects (VFX).


Technologies: C#, Shaders, Unity for 2D, Photoshop, Python.